New Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed In

Have you all heard of the cannabis bars in southern Virginia or the top 5 nightclubs to smoke weed at? A few have popped up around Virginia Beach and Richmond. Are these spots legal? NO! I will let the Outlaw Report speak on it…” In short, no. While Virginia lawmakers have considerably relaxed laws governing cannabis — joining 17 states and the District of Columbia in permitting adult use — “it remains illegal to consume marijuana or offer marijuana to another person in any public place…” But a bar or a restaurant is a private business and thus, a private place, correct? NO! If anyone can walk in it is a public place so remember that during your visit at the Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed.

The Outlaw Report breaks it down some more…” To quote the text of SB 1406, the legalization bill signed into law by Gov. Ralph Northam this spring, “‘public place’ means any place, building, or conveyance to which the public has, or is permitted to have, access.” In addition to restaurants, parks, hotel lobbies and other spaces enumerated in the new law, that would also appear to include vape and smoke shops where anyone can walk in and purchase products”.

Virginia is a quandary of nonsensical cannabis laws. If you do not know you can smoke weed in the privacy of private spaces, but you cannot sell recreational cannabis whatsoever; especially not at the Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed. So where could you get your weed from if you live in Virginia? Do what I do. I traverse Fairfax County and meet my trusted I-71 delivery dispensary connections.

Visit Select Co-Op Recreational Dispensary

If you are unaware, I-71 refers to businesses that are operating under the Initiative 71 law in Washington DC. According to the Office of the DC Office of the Mayor people aged 21 and older may transport and gift up to two ounces of cannabis flowers. Businesses may not legally sell recreational cannabis out of physical locations even at the Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed.

The Outlaw report has documented the fight between the gifting industry and medicinal cannabis in DC. Simply put, the medical folks keep funding the crack downs on physical buildings selling cannabis. However, delivery gifting services are much more discrete and safer to utilize. Depending on who is available to meet at my preferred times I receive gifting from Select Co-Op, DC Cooperative, Tacoma Care and Wellness, as well as Gifted Legacy.

So, you are in the city visiting or this is your stomping grounds or your thinking about the Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed. Either way you want to know in the District where you can smoke cannabis and enjoy the nightlife. We all have our cultural milieus and mine is a middle-aged hip-hop head. If you want a white rock bar, I can’t help you. There are a few spots I can recommend to toke and hang in peace.


I have never been about the Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas debate. To me that is simply a New York debate about who they like in the 90s and early 2000s. I did appreciate walking into Abigail a few weeks ago and seeing Nas puffing on his select choice greenery. Abigail is a spot in NW DC near Dupont Circle. Yes, you may puff in peace in the establishment that’s why it part of the Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed.

Rosebar & Sait Yves

Nas is not an anomaly. You often see rappers, football players, and basketball players at a few spots around the city. Rosebar is a spot I sometimes frequent on Connecticut Avenue in NW DC near Dupont Circle. Saint Yves is also on Connecticut avenue near Dupont Circle. You may enjoy bar hopping from spot to spot or chilling in a venue all night.


I was at Barcode, and it one of the Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed, but it was a few weeks ago and a huge crew of men and women were kicking it. It made me think of Dave Chappelle’s skit, “when keeping it real goes wrong”. I watch a lot of MMA and recognized a few of the crew. I will keep his name out my mouth as I do not want that smoke whatsoever.


I am simply pointing out that you will see all kinds of celebrities at these Top 5 Nightclubs To Smoke Weed. Don’t start none and there wont be none! 1942 is also a good spot to hit as well. Just be aware you can smoke but only on the back deck. The deck area is still a spot to socialize and kick it. So, as you secure your 4:20 needs in DC, plan to hang out some!