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New Super Silver Haze Strain Review

“SSH” I am smoking Haze.  Some people call Super Silver Haze “SSH.” That is telling someone to be quiet. There are times when acronyms suck, and this is one of them. I went to school with a kid named Billy James. Yeah, he was nicknamed “blowjob.” Thank to Select Co-op for another amazing strain now lets get into this strain review!

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Super Silver Haze is a recommendation I must thank the folks at Select Co-op for recommending. This strain is a cross between Skunk and Northern Lights. Surprisingly, the Skunk properties dominate making this a cerebral affecting sativa. 

Super Silver Haze


This is Haze and you will be hazy although still energized and elated without heaviness. Super Silver Haze may top out at 23% THC levels. This strain tastes of skunk and spicy citrus fruits. If you’re checking out more strains from Select Co-op make sure to read more of my strain reviews here!

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