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New Silver Kush Strain Review

This strain brings comic books to mind. When I was young, I simply watched the X-Men cartoon and the Super Friends. My brother actually collected the books. I thought Silver Surfer and Iceman were the same character showing how little I was into the stories. But today we’re not talking about comic books today we’re talking about a great strain all thanks to Select Co-op!

Silver Kush Effects

Silver Kush Strain is the product of crossing Silver Bubble and OG. This Silver Kush Strain Review was right about the strain being a social strain for you if you just happen to be out enjoying the day. It will have you talkative and giddy with a light functional body-buzz. Silver Kush is said to be a 70% sativa leaning hybrid. Good recommendation Takoma Care and Wellness.

Silver Kush Strain Review

Silver Kush Taste

Silver Kush Strain Review said it may top out at 22% THC levels. This strain smells of sharp piney mint when the buds are broken apart. This strain tastes of a spicy herbal piney flavor with hints of mint on the exhalation. l recommend this as a late afternoon pick me-up if you’re looking to check out more strains from Select make sure to read all my strain reviews here!

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