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New Purple Krush Strain Review

purple krush


First, let me say big thanks to Select Co-Op.  I wanted a delicious indica to relax that will not put me right to sleep the effect is heavy but not sleep inducing. Purple Krush offers an elevated feeling at the onset that fills you with a sense of pure happiness and euphoria.  As your mind soars, your body will become anchored with a body effect that locks you to any couch or sea.

Purple Krush makes me think of the video cover for Krush Groove with Sheila E looking as fly as can be.  Krush Groove might as well have been called the Russell Simmons story.  OK, I am sidetracked from smoking this strain.  Let’s get into.

THC Levels

Purple Krush may top out at 32% THC levels.  It has a sweet berry grape flavor with a slightly sour exhale that has elements of diesel and citrus.  It’s buds have popcorn-shaped olive-green nuggets with rich purple undertones. Bright orange hairs are covered by a coating of amber crystal trichomes.

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