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New Maui Wowie Jeeter Review

THC Levels & Feedback

Maui Wowie is a name of famed reputation. I remember hearing it mentioned in half-baked and wanting to try it so badly. When I did I found it was an okay strain but is a little light in its effects. However, I never had a Jeeter Maui Wowie before but thanks to Select Co-Op now I have.  Jeeters are pre-rolls that are infused with kief and distillate concentrates. This strain is a landrace Hawaiian strain that tastes of piney spicy pineapple flavors, by itself it may top out at 28% THC levels.

mauie wowie


A Maui Wowie Jeeter is much more potent than the strain alone.  As a wake and bake experience this strain will leave your body with a functional buzz.   You will be in an excellent mood and have an increase in focus and concentration without feeling anxious or heavy.  This effect builds and will last for hours.

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