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Jul 16, 2022
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New Mai Tai Jeeter Review

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THC Levels & Effects

Mai Tai is a 50/50 balanced strain.  This strain is the product of crossing Maui Waui and Tutti Frutti.  It has a sweet and citrus tropical fruity flavor with elements of piney mint.  Usually, this strain may top out at 32% THC levels.   However, with the added concentrates who knows the level.  I can say the energy you will have to socialize, create, and get moving to do things feels unlimited.

mai tai

Mai Tai

I never knew what a Jeeter was before today.   I saw it on the menu for Select Co-Op and skipped right over it, I thought it was simply a concentrate.  Well, it is and isn’t!

Jeeters are pre-rolled joints.  Why are they so small?  That is because these joints are infused with distillate and kief concentrates.  I grabbed the Mai Tai Jeeter.

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