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New Lemon Mints Strain Review

Do you recall LemonHeads? I have never been big on candy but liked lemon Heads. Imagine if they had a mint Lemon Heads candy. This strain tastes like that mythical creation.  

Lemon Mints Strain Taste

Lemon Mints Strain

This strain’s tastes of pungent fresh sour lemons balanced by a minty and slightly spicy earth tone flavor. There are also elements of nuttiness and sweet cream present. Lemon Mints have dense long olive-green nuggets with bright orange and a coating of glimmering white crystal trichomes.

Lemon Mints Strain Percentage

Lemon Mints may top out at 24% THC levels. This strain will also offer up to 2% CBD as well. Excellent recommendation Select Co-op. Keep the fire coming!

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