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New Lemon Jack Strain Review


This Lemon Jack Strain Review strain sounds like some new brand of candy that is on the market. This strain does not taste like candy though. I am not a big fan of this strain’s parentage. However, they combine for a surprise I do appreciate. Thank you and keep these enticing strains coming Takoma Care and Wellness (TCW). Let’s get into Lemon Jack.

What is the crossing of Lemon Jack Strain Review ?

The Lemon Jack Strain Review is the product of crossing Jack Here and lemon Kush. When you break the bag open the first thing you may notice is a gassy citrusy pungency that is overwhelming. This strain, however, does not taste as pungent yet still has a citrus and gassy/diesel taste that has hints of spicy earthy elements

Lemon Jack is a beautiful bud to behold. There are brilliant tinges of orange, bright amber elements, and hues of lime and dark green.  This strain is said to be 70% sativa dominant. While the sativa effect will have you buzzed and a little amped up the indica effects are soon to follow. The Kush lineage slowly creeps on you with a light stoned effect but does not weigh you down. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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