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Apr 14, 2022
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New Lemon Bubble Strain Review

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The name on its own is not too appealing. I am not a big fan of bubblegum; I mean actually gum you chew. So, putting lemon in front of Bubble sounds like nasty brand of bubblegum. However, this strain transcends the mediocrity of its name. That being said, let’s get started with Lemon Bubble!

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Lemon Bubble is an 80& sativa leaning hybrid. Lemon Bubble has an eclectic flavor combining a sour yet subtly sweet lemon and citrus element with the smoothness of haze and hints of spicy earth elements. A heavy lemon aroma will fill the room when you first open the bag. The trichomes will cover your fingers as you break down the resinous bright orange nuggets and curly green leaves. 

Lemon Bubble is a nice afternoon or afterwork strain. The effect is a hazy and blissfully stoned experience. Expect to be social and engaged but distracted and more sedated as time wears ensues. This strain may top out at 23% THC levels. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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