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New Larry Lovenstein Strain Review

The strain review sounds like it should be Rated XXX. This strain sounds like a moniker Will Farrell would use in a spoof about 1970’s porn films. The name definitely sticks in the mind. Let’s check out the Larry Lovenstein strain review. Even if Gifted Legacy did not recommend this I had to grab it for the name.  

What is the percentage of Larry Lovenstein Hybrid Strain?

I was so taken back by the name I forgot to sound the DJ Clue metal echo voice…” new strain, new strain”! Larry Lovenstein is a hybrid created from crossing Larry OG and Chemdawg #4. Who knows where the name came from, but it can top out at 30% THC levels! This strain may offer up to 1% CBD as well.

What are Larry Lovenstein strain effects and taste?

New Larry Lovenstein Strain Review

This strain has tastes of crisp pine and earthy elements balanced by a pungent diesel aroma and taste. It also has lime green nuggets that are covered in amber hairs and blanketed by glimmering white trichomes. I appreciate this for a later afternoon toke. This strain will sharpen and focus the mind by offering a non-sedating relaxing effect. 

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