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New Lamb’s Bread Strain Review


“Ah who seh, sensimilla…Ah who seh, lambsbread I till ya…Ah who seh, sensimilla”. What y’all know about that classic UB40? Lambs Bread was allegedly smoked by Bob Marley. Really? I am not impressed as if a strain was around back then then the elder probably smoked it! 

Lamb’s Bread, aka Lamb’s Breath, is said to be extremely sativa dominant. There is some controversy on the exact numbers but be certain that this strain will elevate your mood with introspective and creative thoughts.This strain provides no heaviness or relaxing effects on the body. 

Lamb’s Bread smells like piney dank hashish. This strain tastes of spicy dank skunk with hints of citrus fruits. This strain may top out at 21% THC levels. Thank you for the recommendation Select Co-op. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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