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Sep 19, 2023
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New Johns Hopkins’ Study Shows Psilocybin Promotes Mental Health Improvements

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A new study published by researchers from the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research shows that psilocybin produces lasting improvements in mental health symptoms and general wellbeing.

“Naturalistic psilocybin use is associated with persisting improvements in mental health and wellbeing” is the largest survey of naturalistic psilocybin use to date, and the results support other data on psilocybin’s effectiveness.

A sample of 2,833 respondents completed assessments 2 weeks before psilocybin use; 1,182 completed the 2–4 week post-use survey; and 657 completed the final follow-up survey 2–3 months after psilocybin use.
Participants primarily used dried psilocybin mushrooms (mean dose = 3.1 grams) for “self-exploration” purposes.
data collected before and after the psilocybin experience on average showed persisting reductions in anxiety, depression, and alcohol misuse, increased cognitive flexibility, emotion regulation, spiritual well-being, and extraversion, and reduced neuroticism and burnout after psilocybin use.


We’ll leave it to Johns Hopkins to give us more context on the study. See their thread below.



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