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New Iced Widow Review

Whether intentionally or not I saw the name of this strain as somewhat callous.  Just because a woman is a widow does not mean she is cold as ice or bitter.  If I am the only one that took the name to mean that then I will own my weird way of thinking.  I appreciate the recommendation from Select Co-Op. 

Iced Widow Strain

Indica Levels

Usually, I am a firm and consistent sativa smoker.  However, there are times when I need aid in sleeping and recovery from training.  Times like those I want an indica.  Iced Widow is a 90% indica leaning hybrid and may top out at 20% THC levels. 

Effects & Flavor

Iced Widow is the product of crossing ICE and White Widow.  OK, now the name of the strain makes perfect sense. It instantly calms and relaxes the mind and body.  Iced Widow tastes of piney citrus and skunk diesel flavors. 

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