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New Hard Candy Review

Edibles have come a long way from throwing a handful of swag in a brownie batch and sitting there wondering if and how high you were. Now the science is exact and can be more potent than smoking. I slept on edibles for years underestimating their effectiveness.  That was until some actually put me to sleep.

Hard Candy


I grabbed some Hard Candy edibles from Select Co-Op.  I like these for dosage management.  The candies are a 4 pack 100mg (25mg each).  Suck on a couple and you will be quite right off the 50mg dosage. 

Hard Candy

I also like the hard candy, I can just chill with them letting them dissolve.  I do not want to eat a meal or consume a lot of calories to dose cannabis.  These Hard candies help me out on that factor.  Eat all four candies and you will be beyond nice for whatever situation. 

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