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New Gumbo Strain Review

This strain is said to be named after bubblegum. It is said to be as sweet as the flavor of bubble gum. Does Gumbo make you think of something sweet or candy? Gumbo makes me think of some crawfish vegetable creole stew!

Gumbo Strain indica or sativa dominant?

Gumbo Strain Review 2

Gumbo, while has a deceiving name, does have an insanely sweet flavor. More than bubblegum this strain tastes like the sweetest fruits dipped in sugar. Gumbo is said to be indica dominant with a ratio of 65/35.

Gumbo Strain Effects

Whatever the sativa to indica ratio is, Gumbo strain is for the evening and not wanting to do anything. Gumbo will definitely couch lock you once you start toking. This strain will also agitate an extreme case of the munchies so be prepared. I needed an evening wind down strain and Gifted Legacy was on point with this recommendation. 

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