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New Grape Ape Jeeter Review

Grape Ape Jeeter

In my Charlie Murphy voice…WRONG!!! (RIP).  Jeeters are small joints but that is because they are infused with distillate and kief.  Whatever the strain’s potency, it is magnified by adding the concentrates.

A Jeeter sounds like a miniature version of a scooter or some motorized jeep for toddlers.  I had no clue what one was seeing on the menu for Select Co-Op.  It is a good thing I asked.  I thought they were simply baby joints.

grape ape

Grape Ape Flavor & Effects

Grape Ape tastes amazing.  It has a sweet grape and berry flavor. The same holds true with the Jeeter.  However, the effects are more balanced it is still a heavy indica.  However, with the added concentrates there is an added sativa buzz that elevates thoughts and energy as the body effects increase preparing you for sleep.

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