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New Glazed Key Lime Pie Cart Review

I never had key lime pie until a couple of weeks ago.  I never had a Key Lime Pie Glazed cart either.  However, my folks at Select Co-Op recreational marijuana delivery dispensary network suggested I grab it for a few of my cannabis gifts.

Key Lime

DC now allows people to self-diagnosis themselves to receive a medical marijuana card to go to medical dispensaries.   With the options and service I get from the Select delivery dispensaries,I have no need to go elsewhere.   If a new cannabis product is on the market, they are sure to have it.

THC Levels & Flavors

Key Lime Pie cart tastes like sugary sweetened limes and a touch of tropical summer.  You will just want to relax and go with the flow.  Key Lime Pie may offer up to 87% THC levels as well as .26% CBD

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