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Aug 11, 2021
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New Episode Of Cannabis Salads Returns With New Mixtures

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“New Episode of Cannabis Salads with new mixtures. Enjoy our 420 recommendations while they are around friends. I give thanks for Select Co-op.”


New Episode Of Cannabis Salads Returns With New Mixtures! Good day my friends! I know you missed us last week for our cannabis salad recommendations. No worries friends as we are live and direct this week for you. Some call mixing strains of similar effects to boost effects making cannabis salads. We like to call it cannabis common sense as we have been doing it for decades.

We are starting with a culinary cannabis base of Chemdawg my friends. As the mother/father of Diesel this potent hybrid packs a strong pungent taste, relaxing effects, while mentally energizing the user. Mix Chemdawg with Sangria strain and the sativa elements of both strains soar. The added sweet berry elements of Sangria is also a plus.  

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Staying with Chemdawg as our base you will enjoy mixing this strain with Amnesia Haze. I like to wake and Bake of Amnesia Haze. Mixing it with Chemdawg gives the potent sativa some functional relaxing properties as well. Enjoy the sweet and spicy flavors blending with the diesel elements. 

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Let’s now move into using Gelato as our base for culinary creations. Mixing Gelato with Chemdawg is an awesome afternoon or early evening treat. The strains combine for a sharp mental focus while a powerful functional body relaxation is enjoyed. The body effects maybe intense for novices. These strains combine to provide a creamy, sugary, fruity, diesel taste as a flavorful treat.

Mixing Gelato and Cat Piss is an evening experiment to enjoy my wonderful friends. The taste is a spicy, diesel. pungent, peppery treat that may have your lungs recovering from coughing fits. The effect is a balance of mental elation matched with strong body relaxation that still provides functionality. Yet, you will not run any marathons on this mix though.

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Lastly, we recommend you wind down the evening by mixing Gelato and Rocket Fuel. The flavors are a cornucopia of creamy, diesel, fruity, sugary, berry, piney, sweetness. You may feel giddy and just happy at the first toke. This is an evening mix though friends. Shortly expect to wind down into a strong couchlock. Enjoy our 420 recommendations while they are around friends. I give thanks for Select Co-op.

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