New Episode Of Cannabis Salads With New Mixtures – Sunshine Sativa Salads

We return for another edition of culinary cannabis creations. Yes these sativa salads will have alliterations flowing through you as the above case in point! What are cannabis salads for the uninitiated. We simply mix strains to enhance flavors and/or effects. Sativas are our focus today.

Select Co-Op has been staying on point with the summertime sativa selections.  Chemdawg is here y’all! Whenever it is around I snatch it up. For me this hybrid has an awesome sativa effect with body relaxation and the sharp diesel taste. Why not a Coma?  Coma is a crisp icey cool piney tasting sativa that focuses the mind. The tastes combine beautifully and the mental effect is heightened with a nice functional body relaxation.  Chemdawg and Coma strain is a dynamic blend.

Straying with the theme of Chemdawg try mixing in some Diesel Cake next. The above mix is an anytime of day strain while this is an afternoon mix. The Chemdawg picks up the mental effect of Diesel Cake while still providing quite the body relaxation. This mix enhances the diesel taste and is mellowed out by the cake’s creamy sweetness.  

We conclude our Chemdawg selections with a nice blending with Jet Fuel Pie. This is a blending with some powerful therapeutic effects. The body is quickly engaged in an engulfing blanket of relief while the mind is engaged until you choose to physically retire for the evening.  

I also appreciate Maui Mango Diesel as a great sativa base. This strain and Runtz is an awesome mixture. Maui Mango Diesel tastes of a spicy peppery tropical flavor. Runtz gives it a fruity and creamier element. I like this for a delicious early afternoon treat that focuses the mind with a little body relaxation.

Lastly, I suggest trying Maui Mango Diesel with Smarties. The Smarties taste dominates this delicious blend with sugary fruity berry elements. The Smarties also dominate the effect guiding the body to deep relaxation. The Mango Diesel allows the mind to have a focused euphoric energy as the night winds down. Enjoy my friends.  

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