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New Electric Lemon Review

I salute you Select Co-Op. You all were on an indica binge for a few weeks.  As a sativa lover, I love the new menu options.  I shall take advantage of all of them.

Electric Lemon Strain


Electric Lemon, aka Electric Lemon G, is a beautiful wake and bake strain.  This strain provides a little extra fuel to the tank getting the day going for any activity. It is an 80% sativa leaning hybrid and is the product of crossing G13 and Northern Lights. 

THC Levels & Flavors

Electric Lemon tops out near 18% THC levels.  The flavors are a tangy enticing blend of contrasts.  Enjoy the sharp citrus elements balanced by dank earthy and piney flavors.  It may provide the giggles and sillies for the inexperienced so dose with caution. 

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