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New Dutch Hawaiian Strain Review

This song strain made me think of Method Man…”The Ice Cream Man is coming”…While that song had dope beat the song itself I always found ignorant as ish! Hood dudes fantasizing about all these fancy “flavors” that ain’t even in their environment; let alone neighborhood. I like my chocolate just fine! …But I could see someone bragging about the Dutch Hawaiian they scooped!

Strain Review

Yeah, I am all over the place. This strain will have your mind released from tension and engaging with a focused motivation. While your eyes and face will slightly relax the body is in no way sedated and moves with a functional buzz. Dutch Hawaiian is said to be 70% sativa leaning.

Dutch Hawaiian strain is the product of crossing Hawaiian and Dutch Treat strains. The result is a strain that may top out at 23% THC levels. This strain has a taste that balances sweet tropical fruits with an earthy piney that is a little dank on the exhale. Great recommendation from the folks at Select Co-op. For more information about the rest of our strains, click here.

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