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New Durban Gold 99 Strain Review

It pays to ask when you don’t know. It also pays to ask to verify what you think you may know. I just knew Cinderella was an indica. WRONG, in my Charlie Murphy voice, RIP. I am glad I asked Gifted Legacy about Durban Gold 99.

Durban Gold 99 Parentage

This strain is the product of crossing Durban Poison, Acapulco Gold, and Cinderella 99. These three sativas combine to form an amazing sativa leaning hybrid. Durban Gold is a wake and bake sativa for fellow sativa lovers.


Durban Gold 99 may top out near 25% THC levels. This strain may also offer up to 1% CBD. Acapulco Gold offers a taste of citrus and sweet berries balanced by a piney diesel element. Happy 4:20! Make sure to check out all my strain reviews here from Select Co-op!

durban gold 99

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