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Jul 1, 2022
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New Chocolate Cream Cake Strain Review

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The first thing to do is break out the DJ Clue metal echo chrome voice… “New strain, new strain!” Thank you, Takoma Care and Wellness, for recommending this fire strain. Chocolate Cream cake is decadently delicious and provided the effects I desired. Without any further a due let’s see what the Chocolate Cream Cake Strain Review says about the effects tastes and more.

Chocolate Cream Cake Tastes

Chocolate Cream Cake Strain taste

Chocolate Cream Cake is the product of crossing Chocolope and Ice Cream Cake. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Strain maintains Chocolope rich and smooth chocolate taste. There is also the fruity and creamy decadence of Ice Cream cake present. This strain is simply a treat to smoke.

Chocolate Cream Cake Strain Effects

Chocolate Cream Cake Strain is an evening wind down the night indica. This strain will relax you into a state of couchlock or possibly sleep. While the THC levels are unknown, I can say this is a potent indica. Grab this rare strain while you can!

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