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New Carpet Strain Review

Yes… Sound my DJ Clue metal echo voice effects. Thank you Select Co-op!  “New Strain, New Strain! Here we got New Carpet Haze aka Carpet Tape. I definitely prefer New Carpet HazeCarpet Tape sounds like it will glue you to the ground or taste as dry as carpet tape.

New carpet Haze is the product of crossing Gorilla Glue #4 and Rug Burn OG… And they came up with Carpet Tape?!?! WTF. They could have had  Gorilla OG, Gorilla Burn. The Burning OG Gorilla, Glue Burn….. Anyways, Carpet Tape is fucking wack….. OK back to the strain. Carpet Haze can get up to 27% THC levels. The taste is a blend of piney. earthy, diesel, skunk, citrus fruits. The smoke is slightly harsh and may incite a cough or two.  

New Carpet Haze

This strain is said to be sexually arousing for some. Maybe, for novices. I have had the same said about other strains and not had the effect either.  However, you will feel strong indica body relaxation rushing over the entire body almost instantly. Goodnight Irene. This is night time use for sure!

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