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New Blue Lights Strain Review

“Attention K-mart shoppers, attention…”  Do you all remember the “blue light specials”. I vaguely remember it as I think they ceased being used when I was in elementary school.  Retaildive informs us “The Blue lights Special debuted in 1965 as flashing blue sirens in the center of Kmart’s stores that would go off to direct shoppers to a discount item, as an announcement was blared on a loudspeaker, “attention, Kmart shoppers” …enough of the history flashback… Lets talk about the blue lights strain review.

Blue Lights Strain Indica or Sativa?

Blue Lights strain is an indica leaning hybrid. Blue Lights is said to be 70% indica dominant. While its THC levels are unknown this strain is potent, and I utilize it for evening winding down or for sleep. Select Co-op keeps coming with fire strains.

Blue Lights Strain

Blue Lights Strain effects?

Blue Light strain offers a sedating experience that infuses the mind with elation as the body succumbs to deep relaxation. Blue Lights is the product of crossing Blue Dream and Northern Lights.  Blue Lights smells and tastes of rich sweet blueberries with hints of pungent diesel like flavors.   

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