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New Baby Jeeter- Gelato Review


I have never been a fan of pre-rolls. I find the concept lazy and insulting. I refuse to let someone I do not know roll for me or some fancy machine that I found leaves the pre-rolls with too much air in them. Then Baby Jeeters came along. Pre-rolls that are infused with liquid diamond THC extract then coated in kief after the joint is rolled. I humbly accept that it is another level and end my boycott of buying pre-rolls.

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THC Levels

Jeeter joints can be well-above 25% THC levels.

Flavors & Effects

A Gelato Baby Jeeter gives you the sweet sherbet taste with tropical, berry flavors, and nutty vanilla flavors. The Jeeter pre-roll has an added dank and almost diesel-like kick to the smoke. Gelato‘s sativa elements shine forth in this Jeeter pre-roll with the mental uplifting effects lasting for some time before relaxation kicks in strong.

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