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New Baby Jeeter- Blueberry Kush Review


I just learned what a Jeeter is. I saw these on the Select Co-Op menu and just assumed it was a regular pre-roll. I had no idea that Jeeters are THC packed powerhouses. Jeeter pre-rolls are flowers infused with cannabis oil from liquid diamonds and then the joint is coated in kief.


So what could be better than an infused pre-roll? That would be an infused pre-roll with Blueberry Kush. Indica lovers, we have a Jeeter for you! Blueberry Kush is a pure 100% indica and may top 35% THC levels. This strain is the product of crossing OG Kush and Blueberry.


Blueberry Kush Jeeter pre-rolls are a perfect nightcap to end the evening. Everything will be over once you light this joint. Enjoy the earthy, piney, and subtle blueberry flavor as the power of this joint pulls you into the world of sleep.

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