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Apr 19, 2022
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New and Delicious Cannabis Culinary Curations

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Welcome back 4:20 enthusiasts! We always start out with that, but 4/20 is nearing and almost upon us my cannabis connoisseurs. In celebration of 4:20 on 4/20 let’s embark on our customary mission and purpose. It is time for cannabis culinary combination curations! Some people call mixing strains a cannabis salad…or you can simply say it is time to mix some weed! Select Co-op has some of the best stuff on deck right now, so let’s dive on in!

Day Time Strains

We’re beginning with our day-time sativa combinations. We take the most dynamic and potent sativas to activate creativity and functionality. Our sativa curations start from the wake and bakers dream mixes, to winding down in the afternoon mixes. Let’s start with some yummy pancakes for breakfast. 

Pancake Ice is our base sativa for this session. This strain sharpens the mind with a laser focus, creativity, and motivation to get shit done!  Pancake Ice also tastes of sugary sweet fruits balanced by a diesel and earthy taste. We recommend combining this strain with Wonka Bars. It will add a chocolatey, nutty, and mint element to the flavors. It focuses the mind like Pancake Ice, yet this strain also adds pain and inflammation relief without any sedating effects.

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Next, we recommend mixing Pancake Ice with Sweet Diesel for a mid afternoon treat. Sweet Diesel adds a more diesel/gassy/pungent element to the sugary fruity taste of Pancake IceSweet Diesel may increase your focus or and motivation; for others it may simply chill you out and mellow your mood. This strain increases my energy and functionality making this a great afternoon pick-me-up combination. 

Lastly, we recommend mixing Pancake Ice and Pineapple strain. We like this as a late afternoon/early evening curation. Concerning taste, Pineapple strain adds a strong pineapple and tropical fruity element to the sweet fruit and diesel taste of Pancake Ice strain. Pineapple contributes to hazy, spacey, stoned effects that are mood elevating and socially engaging. This balances nicely with the focusing effect of Pancake Ice to reduce the haziness effect.    

Evening/Afternoon Strains

Now it is time to move into our evening curations. Ultimate Trainwreck will be our base for evening curations. This strain is a mind focusing miracle that also provides powerful body sensations of functional relaxation. It also tastes of citrus and sweet fruits although the buds smell of skunk and dank-ness. 

We recommend mixing Ultimate Trainwreck with Super Blue Dream to get the evening started. Super Blue Dream will add elements of diesel and sweet berries to the taste of Ultimate TrainwreckSuper Blue Dream will also offer a mood-boosting, creative, and socially engaging element to the chillness of Ultimate Trainwreck.   

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Staying with Ultimate Trainwreck as our evening base for curations, let’s combine that with the Peanut Butter Runtz strain. PBR adds a nutty, slightly chocolate tasting, fruity and creamy decadent deliciousness to the sweet fruity element of Ultimate Trainwreck. PBR is sativa leaning and will increase the social and functional aspect of Ultimate Trainwreck

For our final curations, we recommend mixing Ultimate Trainwreck with Grandaddy Purple, aka GDP” strain. The flavors of these strains combine to yield a super fruity and syrupy grape flavor with a pungent slightly diesel like flavor on the exhale. This combination is a nightcap. A late evening nightcap as the properties of GDP will dominate and guide you into couch lock and/or a deep sleep. Enjoy my 4:20 enthusiasts and grab these strains to mix while Select Co-op has them. 

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