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New Alice In Wonderland Review

I simply will simply say that Select Co-Op never ceases to amaze.  Consistently these folks provide potent strains that I have never heard of, and thus never smoked.  Thank you again for the fire on deck!  Alice in Wonderland will take you down the rabbit hole. 

Alice in Wonderland Strain

THC Levels

Alice in Wonderland is in the cannabis lineage of Willy Wonder strain.  It tops out near 23% THC levels and is a wake and bake strain for sativa lovers.

Effects & Flavor

This strain is ideal for those that want a little extra to hike, bike, swim, and/or workout.  It provides a focus to detail, primes your senses, and motivates you to get up and get active.  Alice in Wonderland tastes of dank earthy spices balanced by sweet blueberry and cream elements. 

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