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Nerdz Strain Review

Here’s to a new strain that Select Co-op has on deck! Now welcoming Nerdz and no not the candy but the strain… Select Co-op is an amazing institution. We already know they stay with the best strains all around DC… but the cannabis credits… the weed rebates they are giving back to customers has me delightfully stumped.┬áNow lets get into this strain review!

Nerdz is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created from crossing Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough strains. An insanely powerful indica and a top-notch sativa combine for a perfectly balanced hybrid. This strain gave me more of a relaxed effect which is why I would recommend it best as an afternoon/evening strain.

Select Co-Op Special

Nerdz gives a reflective thought-provoking experience. You may not notice hours racing by as you ponder the mysteries of life. Nerdz tastes of decadent sweet grape and strawberry juice and will have you smoking more just to enjoy the taste.This strain just from the flavors and taste of it makes me want to go get more from select. So make sure to get this strain before it’s sold out! If you’re looking at other strains make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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