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My Cannabis Cup Wishlist

In 2020 High Times conducted the annual cannabis cup. There was past competitions judged by cannabis “OGs” and celebrity cannabis users. Due to COVID and some ingenuity on the part of the organizers, the structure changed. In 2020 cannabis samples were mailed out to dispensaries, growers, and users across the country for awardees to be granted as true “champions of the people”. I have a wishlist for flowers based on the national winners in the flowers competitions.

We will start in Colorado. The Grow-Off competition was held to see who could create the “terpiest, stoniest” dank version of Spitzer. This strain is a cross between Runtz (female), Grape Pie, and Capulator MAC (males). I would love to have this in my stash for a top flight indica relief for pain and to unwind. Hummingbird Cannabis took the award home according to Sour Strawberry won in Colorado as well for best flower. I definitely am adding this to the wishlist!

As LL Cool J said “we going back to Cali, Cali, Cali, Cali”… Two strains have me salivating from the best flower awards in California. Honey Dew Farms won best Sativa for Gelonade strain, a cross of Lemon Tree with Gelato#4… Sounds decadent does it not? I also want to try Zkittle Mints grown by Mohave Reserve, a hybrid crossing Zkittlez and Thin Mint Cookies.

In Oregon the Cup was postponed unfortunately. In Washington State CannaSol Farms won for Best Sungrown THC Flower with Blackwater (indica) and won for Best Light Deprivation THC Flower with Lemon Meringue (sativa). I have had both before and these do not make my wishlist. However, in Illinois Revolution Global’s strains has made my wishlist. I definitely want to get my hands on their Turbo Lemon Cake (Turbo Diesel and Harlequin) as well as their Gorilla’d Cheese (Gorilla Glue and Clementine).


While I am on the East Coast I am not impressed with our winners. Shamanic Roots won at the New England Harvest Cup with their Bonkers (sativa) and Rasta Pie (indica). Enjoy if they come your way, but they are not on my wish list.

I would have never thought I have a reason to go to Oklahoma. The state had its first High Times People’s Choice Cup in 2020. ALTVM growers won for best sativa flower with Lilac Diesel, A Silver Lemon Haze x Forbidden Fruit is crossed with NYC Cherry Pie and Citral Glue to bring out this flavorful chemy strain. I want some of this for sure! I appreciate the reporting on the event Leafly.

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