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Mochi Gelato Strain Review

The name of this strain is a United Nations treat of decadence. Taking the Japanese Mochi ice cream balls on top of some Italian Gelato. Eat them along with some Vitenamese Macarons (yes they are from Vietnam not France) and it’s a global sugar rush of ultimate proportions.

Sunset Sherbet 2

Mochi Gelato caught me slippin. The name had me certain it would be a decadent treat. It is. As the child of Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies. The creamy, citrus, sugary, mint, cookie, and nutty flavors of its parents combine for an amazing experience.

Girl Scout Cookies

My excitement ended there. I was sleeping on the indica effects of this strain. It is said to be a 60% indica. OK, I know it can easily be around 80%. Mochio Gelato can get up to 23% THC levels and offer 1% CBD therapeutic effects. This is powerful medicine for the evening. Expect pain, anxiety, worry… Expect consciousness to melt away!

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