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Mirage Strain Review

Any folks that grow up in the DMV as a teenager in the late 80’s or early 90’s? You hit those spots in SW/SE Dc back when that area was a bunch of run down warehouses and seedy clubs. If so, you remember the Mirage. The bigger experience was the long strip outside before you even went into the club.

OG Kush

Why am I reminiscing of being young and dumb at the Mirage? Cuz we have Mirage strain on deck people! Mirage is a powerful indica dominant strain. Like a dude shermed up looking to start some shit on the strip this joint will put you to sleep! Mirage is said to be a descendant of OG Kush and can get up to 20% THC levels.

Og Kush New

This strain has a unique flavor of vanilla, sugary, creamy sweetness balanced by a sour citrus spicy undertone on the back end. This is for indica lovers. I wanted some powerful wind down energy after some amped up work evenings. This is a tranquilizer dart.

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