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Miracle Alien Cookies Strain Review

This is a name for us right here! This sounds like it could be an amazing strain. It also sounds like some mess my daughters might have tried to bake when they were younger… Look dad, try some of our “Miracle Alien Cookies“. Let’s try some I guess.

Mac Art2

Miracle Alien Cookies, MAC, is the product of crossing Colombian and Starfighter. Interesting lineage as I am not too familiar with either. I have heard of Colombia but never had it. This strain can get up to 20% levels of THC.

Mac Art

MAC’s flavor resembles a Kush strain to me. Its flavor is a blend of spicy, earth tones, with a pungent dank to it. It is said to be a 50/50 hybrid. I would agree. I would also say it kind of leaves you short on both sides. The mental effect was elating and euphoric, but not something that stands out to me. The physical effects relax the body and allow you to wind down without a heaviness.

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