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Mint Cake Strain Review

I don’t know why this strain reminds me of a Dave Chapelle skit. Probably because I am more than Half-baked thinking of iconic thoughts! I am thinking of Dave Chapelle as the Black President (before Obama of course.)”They got Yellow cake son, Yellow cake!”

Well this cake isn’t yellow but will make you meow. Mint cake is the product of crossing Animal Mints and Wedding Cake. As far as names; this is as respectable as it is simply informative to the lineage. Mint Cake is respectable as an indica as well. I needed some evening relief for pain and just being amped up after workouts. Mint Cake is an immediate relaxing tranquilizer.

Mint cake can get up to 23% THC levels. This strain tastes as it is named. There is a minty slightly nutty flavor balanced by a sugary creamy berry and earth tone flavor. This is for evening use as the indica relaxing elements hit hard and fast. I almost forgot my friends “break out the dancehall reggae Selecta voice” ring the alarm; a new strain we smoking, ring the alarm a new strain is growing WOOOAAH”

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