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Mini Runtz Strain Review

Whenever this strain was on Select’s flower list I ignored it. Candy sounding strains are usually indicas that put me to sleep, or at least that is the stereotype I give them. However my people at Select recommended this looking for a good 50/50 hybrid. I give you Mini Runtz!


Mini Runtz is the product of crossing Zkittlez and Gelato. Mini Runtz, aka Runtz OG, is decadently delicious! Expect a cornucopia of flavors exploding across your taste buds. There are elements of tropical fruits, citrus elements, sweet berries, tart/sour pineapple, and a hint of piney dankness. I can’t say this is a 50/50 hybrid. This is definitely indica leaning for me.

Mini Runtz Strain can get up to 29%, yes 29% THC levels. I hit this in the early afternoon and learned how potent and powerful this strain is. I was asleep within an hour. Mini Runtz is a nightcap strain for me. I hit this late in the evening for a deep and blissful sleep. 

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