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Mimosa Strain Review

This strain is most definitely aptly named. Like I have said before that you cannot judge any cannabis strains by its name. That is somewhat BS in this situation. This strain is exactly what it is named if that makes any sense? Great recommendation from Select Co-op delivery dispensary!

Well almost… but let me make it clear there is no alcohol in the Mimosa strain. However, just like the drink at brunch you appreciate the balance of tropical elements and a sweet syrupy richness to the taste. Just like the drink it is a good late morning boost. This strain elates and elevates the mood to carry forth with the day. This high is incredibly uplifting, as it settles in, any negative thoughts or emotions you’re experiencing will begin to fade away into bliss as the mimosa strain will help put your mind at ease.

This Mimosa strain is the product from crossing Purple Punch and Clementine strains. Mimosa can get up to 27% THC levels. Mimosa is said to be 70% sativa leaning but if you ask me for my opinion I would say I suspect it may be more. Outside of slight body tingling of relaxation, there is no heaviness at all. Many people love using this strain to help kick start their day and begin crossing things off their to-do list. Most of Mimosa’s effects are mental, but it does come along with a slight body buzz that gets stronger towards the end of the high. 

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