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Mimosa Strain Review

Yes! a morning pick-me up to go along with breakfast. The cleverly named this strain. It is a perfect any-time strain that gives a clear, uplifting, creative, and blissful experience. With the genetics of Clementine and Purple Punch it is beautiful how the citrus flavors of Clementine and the intoxicating nature of Purple Punch synthesize to serve up this ideal aperitif.

The sativa dominance truly dominates in this hybrid. You will feel like Rocky running to the top of the stairs to face the day like a champ! The THC levels are between 19 – 27% making it suitable for users wanting alleviation of anxiety and stress.  

The bud structure of mimosa is dense nuggets that are an earthy green juxtaposed with striking orange hairs. The nuggets have trichromes glimmering that almost distracts from the contrast of the dark and light hues of the buds. Breaking apart the nuggets ascents off citrus, tropical fruits, and mild spices emerge. The taste is definitely citrus infused with a berry blend that is caught on the end of the pull. Enjoy this non-alcholic intoxicant!

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