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Mimosa Strain Review

Mimosa is back, my friends. I have never been a fan of the alcoholic drink. As a child I saw a few friends’ parents get one at a restaurant and was amazed, probably more so by the name. When I had one I was like, OK that is just OJ and champagne… I don’t want a damn drink for breakfast.

Mimosa Art

Mimosa is a crossing of Purple Punch and ClementinePurple Punch is a heavy hitting as well as delicious indica. Clementine is a nice sativa, but some how these two combine to offer 70% sativa dominance. This strain can get up to 27% THC levels.

A true Mimosa will bring you down shortly thereafter. I don’t know who created a Mimosa like that’s cool shit to drink at 10AM… But the Mimosa strain is cool to hit anytime of day. The sativa effects are energizing and motivating. This strain tastes of sweet citrus and a sparkly slight berry sensation… Like a mimosa. LOL.  

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