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May 25, 2022
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New Mendo Afgoo Strain Review

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This strain is exactly what it is named after. This product is made by combining Mendocino, Afghan, and Gooey. Hence , the name it was given. You really can’t be simpler, but more on point in naming a strain. Shout out to Select Co-op for another great recommendation. Now let’s get into this Mendo Afgoo Strain Review!

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The Mendo Afgoo strain review was accurate it was said to be an evenly balanced hybrid… Allegedly with my Dezus and Mero sprinkles. This strain hits me like a potent indica. It mellows me out before couch locking me or putting me right to sleep. The body is totally in chill mode and pain is evaporated.   

Mendo Afgoo Strain Review

Mendo Afgoo Strain Review says its made berries

This strain surprisingly tastes like sugary grapes, sweet citrus, and cream covered berries. I was surprised with the Afghan and Mendocino in the mix but the sweetness of Gooey takes over the party. This strain may top out at 18% THC levels. The folks at Gifted Legacy were on point on how insanely delicious this strain is. If you’re looking to read more of my reviews make sure to check them out here!

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