Memorial Day in DC: Dispensary Delivery Advice

Memorial Day in dc is upon us friends and some dispensary delivery advice may not hurt. In a couple weeks we pay respect to the fallen veterans that have died fighting in American wars. Regardless of one’s politics most people have family or know someone with family that is a veteran. While veteran’s fight for the use of cannabis. It is still ongoing and that’s not this article. We simply have some suggestions for activities to enjoy this Memorial Day.

Arlington National Cemetery

To be clear it is illegal and not wise to smoke cannabis on any federal property. I have paid my respects to my uncle at Arlington National Cemetery dozens of Memorial days. I have a pass to enter the cemetery grounds as a family member. Most tourists are simply allowed to tour the outside. I enjoy popping an edible before driving down and just spend time talking with unc!

Memorial Day in DC: Delivery Dispensary Advice

National Independence Day Parade

The National Independence Day Parade is always an extravaganza that occurs in Memorial Day in DC. Smoking at the parade is not advised. However, smoking flowers beforehand and maybe having some edibles to pop later may make the festivities even more enjoyable.

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Rolling to Remember Motorcycle Events

Are you aware of Rolling to Remember? This is an annual events of bikers taking a route through Washington DC to bring awareness to Veterans issues and needs. It is a site to see the thousands of bikes rolling through. It is a good 4:20 experience to witness.

National Memorial Day in DC Concert

There is a National Memorial Day in dc Concert that happens at night. Honestly, the musicians performing are never my cup of tea save one or possibly two. With it being nighttime, it may be easier to smoke a few puffs in public but be aware it is not legal to do so. At night I will instead be hitting up Abigail or Rosebar. Both are hip-hop lounges that allow smoking indoors.

Rooftop Bars and Walking along the waterfront

If you just want peace and quiet and/or scenery I suggest a few options. Rooftop bars are a great way to observe the beauty of the city’s landscape and waterfront. Some venues allow smoking as well. You can always pop an edible if smoking is not an option. I am more of a waterfront person though. I enjoy Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens and walking along the waterfront in Georgetown. I grab my 4:20 supplies from Select Co-op before doing so.


For the art enthusiasts I recommend the Artechouse production of Pixlebloom. This is an experience to enjoy after partaking in some cannabis products. Pixlebloom is a digital exploration of the “metaverse”. It is a floor to wall surround projection of the blooming of cherry blossoms. It closes Memorial Day weekend.

There is always a tried and true cultural event when having a three-day weekend… Simply doing nothing! If house chilling is the plan, then enjoy friends. Grill up some burgers, mix some drinks, and have your 4:20 supplies already procured from your trusted DC Delivery Dispensary. Select Co-op, DC Cooperative, Takoma care and Wellness, as well as Gifted legacy are some of my trusted I-71 suppliers! Whether you want flowers, edibles, carts, or concentrates, these folks will have you covered!