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Medusa Strain Review

This strain is nostalgic for me. I watched Clash of the Titans numerous times as a child. I am older so not the new version; the one with the metal owl. So hearing the name Medusa for a strain made me intrigued, thinking back, and a little scared. Is this shit going to turn me to stone?

Medusa is a late afternoon or early evening strain for my tastes. I do not know the lineage of this strain but it is said to be evenly balanced in effects. That is my experience as well. Medusa first hits with a focused mental energy that clears and uplifts mood and motivation.  Soon a relaxation creeps on that will couch-lock for some time; so yes you will be turned to stone!

Medusa can get up to 20% THC levels while offering 1%CBD as well. The relaxing effects again are potent. Medusa tastes of blueberries with sugary syrup and crisp piney earth flavors. Select Co-op has had straight fire lately on all levels.  

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