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Medical Marijuana Card

Medical Marijuana Cards in the DMV:

A medical marijuana card (also known an MMID or cannabis card) is simply an identification card that allows you to legally purchase, carry, and ingest weed for an approved medical condition. The medical marijuana card also allows registered users to get weed from an approved list of vendors, clinics, and wellness centers.

Know Your Washington DC Cannabis Laws

Cannabis gifting, Smoke shops, Buying Weed in DC, & Initiative 71  If

What is the Safest Way to Buy Weed in DC?

There used to be weed strips in the District of Columbia that would take you through certain neighborhoods that were renowned for having green. This would also result in the police “jumping out” on those selling and buying it which all around was not a safe experience. However, in 2022 the answer is

Are Medical Marijuana Cards Needed to Buy Weed in Washington DC?

UPDATED: 9/6/22 Marijuana usage has become so mainstream over the past few

No More Medical Cards for Medical Marijuana in Virginia!

Medical Marijuana in Virginia As of today July 1st, medical marijuana users in