For those of us celebrating our birthday’s under safer at home orders, maintaining the proper revelatory energy takes some fortitude. Fear not, we’ve got marijuana recommendations for you to deliver the energy you require matching on your horoscope.

Cancer: (June 21 – July 22)

Cancers are sentimental, intuitive, family oriented, and highly sympathetic, because you feel things so intensely, and you often tend to hold onto things for too long. You can get caught up in your feelings which will cause you to retreat emotionally from friendships, and relationships, and be deemed anti – social. Withdrawing into your shell is your go to move when people disappoint you. A Sativa forward strain can be your best friend. Think about it, what better way to celebrate your birthday than with something that keeps you bubbly and loose while making you feel free to socialize? Also, given your family oriented nature, if you are spending long periods of time at home with family due to COVID, unquestionably you are in need of some thing to keep the mood light, and the laughter flowing.

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According to in 2020 Cancers can expect to feel a roller coaster of emotions, especially as it relates to family relationships, specifically those that are parent to child. Also, it predicts that “a new moon/solar eclipse at the end of June, which coincides with the start of your birthday month, will give you a chance to reboot and begin again (especially in areas that concern your priorities and the people who have come and gone from your life in the past year). This is a chance to figure out what’s been missing and what’s okay to let go of.” This is your chance to make real decisions about what you want in your life, both emotional and physical entanglements. Don’t be afraid to let go of anything that’s hit its expiry date. Too often, we hold onto emotions and people that are no longer useful, out of fear.

If 2020 and the ramifications of the Covid – 19 virus have taught us anything, hopefully, it’s that we all get to make choices about our lives. Nothing will be the same after this is over. Now’s the time to eliminate old ideas that no longer serve you and to embrace new ones. Each of us must define how we want to exist, and build structures in business and relationships that mesh with our values. Also, now is the time to redefine who we are and how we relate to others. Dismantle the beliefs engendered by privilege, or rooted in racism, ageism, able-ism, and misogyny. The change that we want to see in the world is literally the change that we create.

What You Should Smoke:

You require something sweet and refreshing with relaxing yet social after effects. Leave it to this hybrid strain favorite. It will be your new best friend. Girl Scout Cookies x T.I.T.S OG is sure to put a smile on your face, as well as bring you peace and relaxation. This is the strain you’ll want for when you’re looking to laugh until you giggle snort (and then laugh some more).