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Jan 28, 2022
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Maryland Laws: Legal Loopholes for Cannabis

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“Last week I was reading how the state of Maryland laws has lawmakers pushing for change in statutes as well as the need for expedited release.”


Just last week I was reading how the state of Maryland laws has lawmakers pushing for changes in statutes as well as the need for expedited release for cannabis offenders. This was reported extensively by the Washington Post. The push was highlighting the hypocrisy in opening up avenues for business investments while people are still behind bars. 

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What is Maryland Legislators paraphernalia bill entitled SB0420?

Recently Maryland legislators considered, and still are, a bill entitled SB0420. This law would serve to repeal the prohibition against “paraphernalia” to inject, ingest, inhale, or otherwise introduce into the human body a controlled dangerous substance.  Maryland General Assembly’s website has further details.

Public health officials are urging for the repeal of this bill, the Marijuana Moment reports. I was not aware such a measure was on the books in Maryland. I live in Maryland. Paraphernalia is a word that is vague and can be applied to too many things.  

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Cannabis is Decriminalized in Maryland

The above writer’s focus is something I often do not think about. How people’s ability to in-adequately cope with mental illness via narcotics is demonized and criminalized. However, this criminalization also extends to people simply doing things within their rights.
Cannabis is decriminalized in Maryland. However, technically one can be arrested for having a cannabis pipe. A police officer can say you were smoking something other than cannabis with it. Maryland laws in DC consistently shows its tendency to focus on the business of cannabis while leaving people still subject to the whims of arrests and criminal cases. I procure my cannabis needs from a delivery dispensary in Washington DC taking advantage of Initiative 71. I appreciate Select Co-op dispensary and am careful dealing in Maryland! 

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