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Marathon OG Strain Review

This must be a bomb sativa I can run a marathon on, correct? WRONG, in my Charlie Murphy voice. This strain is said to be named after a series of Nipsey Hussle’s mix tapes. OK. How does it smoke?

Og Kush New

Let us see what we get with Marathon OG strain! We get a 70/30 indica dominant strain that offers up to 20% THC levels. Marathon OG is a phenotype of an OG Kush strain. The strain is also a visual treat to behold as different hues of lime green with amber accents swirl around each other covered in a frost of blinging trichomes.

OG Kush

Marathon OG tastes of a harsh and spicy earth one flavor with lemon and citrus undertones. What effect does it offer? It provides nightly night coma time. This strain will put you on your ass. My guy at Select warned me, but damn!

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