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Mango Strain Review

Mango is a classic indica strain. This strain is about as old as Mr. Magoo…”Oh Magoo”! Literally, this strain has been around since the 1960’s. It has been re-engineered and refined over the years, but Mango is still a classic indica for indica lovers.

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Mango with lobules on a white background

Mango is the product of crossing the classic Afghani indica land race with the KC33 hybrid strain. The result is an indica with THC levels that can get as high as 25% depending on the strain quality. Although, this is an indica this strain hits with euphoric elating energy that focuses the mind on enjoyment and fun. Mango is often used for social anxiety and I definitely see why. You want to engage off this shit.

Mango provides a elating energy balanced with calming effects. I felt more calm and reserved than relaxed or heavy. Mango is often recommended for its social-emotional benefits than its physical medicating properties. That is simply because this strain makes you feel so good. However, do not sleep on the body relaxing energy. This is an indica!

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