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New Mango Cookies Strain Review

 At first impression this does not sound appealing. Mango Cookies does not sound like a good baking idea. Pineapple, Guava, and passionfruit are delicious tropical fruits; like mango do not sound like they should be a cookie. This strain taught me just because something is out of your norm does not mean it is not worth a try. Shoutout to Select Co-op for another great recommendation!

Mango Cookies Effects

Mango Cookies was an excellent recommendation from the folks at Takoma Care and Wellness. I asked them for an indica to unwind and relieve pains from an injury as well as working out daily. This strain is said to be 80% indica leaning. and is mentally relaxing and sedating more so than physically. However, the body pains do melt away.

mango cookies


Mango Cookies may top out at 25% THC levels. This strain is the product of crossing Somango and Cripple Creek Cookies. I have never had those strains but want to grab them. This strain tastes of nutty, vanilla, creamy tropical fruits and is a decadent smoking experience. Make sure to check out all my strain reviews here!

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