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Mandarin Cookies Strain Review

What has dominant sativa focus, powerful indica body relaxing relief in a nice cookie treat? I give you Mandarin Cookies. How can one improve on Girl Scout Cookies? It’s hard to top a blend of Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. Mandarin Cookies is a result of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. Girl Scout Cookies is said to be slightly indica dominant. Mandarin Sunset is an evenly balanced hybrid, but the strains combined to produce a strain that is sativa dominant in its cerebral effects.

Mandarin Cookies is said to be 70/30 sativa dominant while packing a THC range between 18% and 27%. With the first toke of Mandarin Cookies a focused cerebral energy ensues. You will be locked into whatever activity you are engaging with euphoric attention to detail. As time passes the focused nature of the high morphs into a slightly psychedelic experience of elation. There is no couch-lock; just an adjustment of mental energy as you come down. This is an awesome day-time/any-time strain.

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Mandarin Cookies has an amazingly awesome taste. There is an eclectic blend of flavors that combine beautifully. First there is a noticeable citrus, floral, and subtle berry flavor to the smoke. Next an equally detectable layer of skunk, and earthy kush flavor sits on the tongue…on the exhale hints of nuts, herbs, and pine combine to please the palate. Awesome recommendation by my guy at Select Co-op!

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