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Mandarin Cookies Strain Review

It has been awhile since this strain has been around. It sounds like a moniker or synonym for fortune cookies or a traditional treat for Chinese children. At any rate I am glad that Select Co-op has it back on deck. Let’s check out the Mandarin Cookies strain. 

Mandarin Sunset

This strain does have a sharp and tangy citrus element to it. Possibly where the Mandarin name comes in, like Mandarin oranges. In addition to a sharp citrus element, Mandarin Cookies also taste of strong nutty flavors, subtle spiciness, and sweet vanilla and creamy flavors. It may also be so named for the rich orange hairs swirling around the buds layered by glistening trichomes.  


Well, this strain is the crossing of Cookies and Mandarin Sunset. That solves the Mandarin mystery right there. Mandarin Cookies strain can get up to 26% THC levels. The strain is said to be 70% sativa dominant. However, this is a wake and bake strain for me! The mental effect is instantly motivating, creativity inspiring, and simply awesome. The body effect is relaxing while not slowing one down or providing any heavy feeling whatsoever. 

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